(thebigpicture) look at them over there –the big picture –sure you know what Imean(repeat)
(Tryme)killing time and money makes a differenceoh so small –ask my sister she was there to tell you what went wrong–riches come to me –yet love –to no avail –blackened thought run through my mind the year turns to an end –fornication hearts keep pounding time sounds pretty loud –save me save me take the edge offjoin me in my howl! To no avail –chasing dream states closing friendships crosses turn on me –the wide eyed girl with blood for make upmakes it hard to speak–summer somewhere smile a teardrop As we go to sleep –mornings after all my friends havefound a place to weep –something something always keeps me up on these two feet –come the sundown drapes of mercy wrap around lifes beat –find forgiveness leastexpected in your hearts debris –notes on friendship found extensive –stay and keep the peace –to no avail –try try try try me (repeat) –chasing dream states closing friendships crosses turn on me –wide eyed girl with blood for makeup makes it hard to speak
(FIRE) eaven though it was a weekday we found strange girls from the town each one was to be wed alas they were all already bound (repeat) take a piece to tour the days that spring from the above–tenfold come the aftermath when stricken down by love –to the front the future slipping through the night –sample of tomorrowSaturday shines bright –solitary motionreflecting circumstance –feels like you’re theonly one denied the players hands –yet all share common fears this secret game of far and near –your lonelyyet surroundedhere your mind creates your tears –magnitudes be overcome washed clean by the light –sweep away the heartache full the touch of life
(ATasteofwater)(V)a taste of waterclean that acrid mouth –that future war that Ihave heard about –im not a soldierdon’tknow what that means –but Iknow decisions and Iknow where they lead –©HoursandhoursHoursandhoursHoursandhoursHoursandhours-run so dry HoursandhoursHoursandhoursHoursandhoursHoursandhourspractice my heart –runso dry –practice my heart –im thirsty and im high –(V)a taste of water cometo me –paint it in pictures answer only to three –one finger to judgement you live to be free –Iknow decisions and Iknow where they lead(©repeat chorus) (V) We see the makers they don’thave a clue –this fabric gold still they not sure –its not plain it’s thepurest taste –it’s ashame how we let it go to waste(©repeat chorus)
(level8) see now here how Ifall –it was written on the wall –a few days like none at all –your pretty face oh how Ilong (for you) –that time Igot your call –feels so good feels so wrong –cannot bow this is too strong –its not enoughand now im On –the writing on the wall (repeat)
(18toColumbus) Money the Money (repeat) Boots left behind blue lights from down below –take to the bridge to stay on –arrive at the farside do it all again–stop in the middle to stay on(repeat)
(Messagereceived)(V)Soul made a ride on a Friday night –He be the one and the motions just feel so right –sweet is the vision of reunion yet minds preoccupied –of who can be where and with whom until come the new light–somewhere and somehow and something to say–this is with me and you are with you to stay (repeat)©Would it mean something if sorrow was turned upside down –are we so cool to set the things aside that went wrong –is a heartfull of love the spike to another ones day –can a line be drawn where does desire have its say –are we in control and if yes! What does that mean –are you my downfall? Or am Ia Machine!?(V)Fire the sundown red beam up on the hill –light the dwelling on the left people do their thing –the fog from the stream creeps up to our little street –this fine decline is pushed back by a few degrees –we lay down and pretend to sleep –we count the hours and then get back on our feet –pretty picture heartache pops up on my screen(©repeat chorus